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We use the best ingredients around for our production

To increase our production and to have a good yield, we prefer to opt for quality food for our different breeding systems: for ruminants, poultry, horses, swines, etc. It's why we chose to use the animal feed premix range of the Wisium brand, specialist in animal feed for many years.

Quality diet for a good production

The Wisium brand offers a quality diet for all breeding sectors. The ingredients offered are perfectly suited to the nutritional needs of all animals at every stage of their growth. All products offered are designed to meet the expectations of breeders of all kinds. These can significantly improve their performance. Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts and amino acids, the range of food offered by this brand provides nutritional solutions adapted to each stage of life of all livestock. Since we have turned to this brand, we are perfectly satisfied both in zootechnical terms and in terms of economical performance. Just like us, you have every interest to bet on quality ingredients for your animals.

A good diet for quality breeding

By choosing an animal feed that takes into account the nutritional needs of your livestock, you improve not only your yield but also the quality of your production. The ingredients used in the manufacture of farm animal feed play a significant role. The Wisium brand makes a rigorous selection on this point and sets up an effective quality control in order to satisfy its customers. Do not hesitate to seek advice from his team of experts in animal nutrition to define the feeding method that meets the requirements of your different farming configurations, but also your constraints as a breeder. If you want to improve the welfare of your pets, know that the brand also provides food suitable for pets, such as cats or dogs. It is designed to keep them strong and to guarantee them good health.

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